Final Reflection

My relevant contributions to my assigned tasks ended up being essentially the entire tasks. The pages that I build for the site were built on my own, not in a group environment with any other developers. My supervisor would give me a mock up of what he wanted the page to visually look like, and then he would let me get to work. We would bounce ideas off of each other for minor tweaks of things that either didn’t work the way he intended, or didn’t look the way he envisioned them to look, but the actual building and coding of the sites was all my work.  The work environment was similar to what I expected.  In the modern world, especially in the tech industry, office environments are becoming a lot more casual and relaxed compared to the old suit and tie norms. While I’m sure those types of environments still exist, I did not experience one during my internship.  Moving forward, I am going to update my resume/LinkedIn profile with some information from my work during my internship, and depending on how long the world stays in this current COVID-19 state, try to go back to doing some freelance work at the company as well as start applying for long-term jobs this summer after I graduate.