Flexible Digital Storytelling

I went through the DS106 Assignment Repository to browse through different assignments, and there were a few that caught my eye.  First, I came across an assignment about making a gif of the “Best Sports Play” of the past year.  This was an assignment that interested me, and I currently have the tools need to complete this, as seen below.  I think we are going to do a lot of projects that incorporate making gifs throughout the semester, and I think that is a very important skill when it comes to digital storytelling.

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The next project I noticed was “Turbo Charged Animated GIF.”  While I currently don’t have the tools to complete this, I feel I will learn how to work with something like this (creating separate animation zones in one image) through different projects throughout the semester.  I think these skills are important as well to add diversity to my animation ability by being able to animate specific sections of an image, as opposed to either the whole thing, or turning a clip of a video into a gif.


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