Journal #2

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been starting to get very comfortable working at my internship. Everyone is friendly, there are a couple of people that have a desk close enough to me, in a sort of open area, where we can speak to each other at any moment without leaving our desks and I’m starting to get to know people. Overall, I’m not a super social or outgoing person and tend to be more introverted, so a majority of the conversations we have are not initiated by me, but everyone has been welcoming and are continuing to be friendly with me, even though I tend to be pretty quiet.  In addition to the people that have desks near me, my supervisor consistently comes out of his office to check on my status with the projects I am working on, as well as just coming out to chit chat with either myself or other people around.  There are a few other people in different sections of the office that walk around fairly often to socialize, and it has been a wonderful work environment.

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