Journal #3

So this is my third reflection post, and I just realized that while I’ve been talking about the internship, I haven’t gone into specifics of any of the things I’ve actually done.  For anyone who is reading this that doesn’t already know, I work with web development.  This is exactly what I want to do with my career, and it feels good to spend hours writing code in an office environment compared to a school environment.  So far I’ve restyled some pages that are currently on the website, as well as completely coded some brand new time sensitive pages.  The reason I say time sensitive is because they have been related to specific events, for example, I’ve build a page that reveals a different sale for each day of cyber week, a page that fully displays which type of shipping is needed and when the latest date a customer can order that will have the package arrive before Christmas, and a page where the user can enter their email address and select the team they think is going to win the Super Bowl, and get an email with a discount if they are right (and even if they’re wrong, but don’t tell anyone).

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