Journal #5

Last week I finished my full 300 hours for my internship requirement. Overall, I loved it. I feel like I was getting more and more comfortable with the people that I was working with each and every day that I was there, and I was expanding my knowledge and ability to obtain more knowledge through research as well.  With Coronavirus shutting down the in-person activity of offices, I had to finish my last 8 hours remotely, but it wasn’t a major inconvenience. As I have previously mentioned, I was offered a freelance position, and I was already going to be converting my work to a remote environment and this simply sped up the process.  When transitioning to a remote work environment, I ran into some technical difficulties because the way the admin system is set up for the websites, you need to be connected to the office wi-fi to normally have access. After hours of back and forth with the IT department in California I was able to get VPN access to remotely connect to the website and continue on with my work, and everything has been smooth sailing with the rest of the transition.

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